W e l c o m e

We understand your hunting needs and will work with you to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible. That means you'll be met at the airport and assisted through Customs. Then you'll be driven to the lodge where you'll likely to see various game animals along the way. After a chance to catch your breath, rest and sight-in your weapons, you'll hunt by walk & stalk, or spend mornings and evernings in a comfortable blind by a waterhole.


Hunting private lands in the Free State provinces of South Africa, P Rothner Safaris offers both rifle and bow hunting at reasonable prices. With comfortable and modern lodging you'll relax in the evenings, watching the sun set over the South-African plains, eating fine meals, recounting your day in the bush while sitting around a cracking camp fire. You'll need to relax because your days will be filled with adventure, following Profesional Hunter Peter Rothner or his associates in pursuit of different South-African entelope species. Custom plan your safari base on your desires and the following animals. The list (and quality) of animals we have available is nothing short of spectacular.

Are you looking for a different hunting experience? Would you like to spend your time a field viewing, stalking and actually hunting affordable trophy plains game? Well then.....you want to book a hunt with P Rothner Safari's!

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